What is a Day Porter and how are they different from your commercial cleaning service?

Sure, Day Porters clean, but they are also more public-facing working during times when your customers, employees, and tenants will get to know them and become familiar with their presence.

Your Day Porter works as a right hand to the Facility Manager. Certain tasks need to be managed throughout the day and can’t wait for after-hours attention. Assign your Day Porter tasks like:

▪ Lobby maintenance

▪ Cleaning common areas

▪ Monitoring & servicing restrooms

▪ Removing trash & debris

▪ Restroom Restocking

▪ Meeting setup/tear down

These are just some examples of what a Day Porter can do for you. What makes sense for your facility depends on your specific needs.

Who needs a Day Porter?

If your Facility Manager is overwhelmed or your public areas start to look shabby as the day goes on, a Day Porter might be the missing piece for you.

Overflowing trash, smudged entry doors, and no toilet paper in the restroom reflect poorly on your facility and its management. A Day Porter can help you keep important customer-facing areas up to your company’s standards.

How can a Day Porter save you money?

An outsourced Day Porter can help the Facility Manager with some of their ‘to do’ list without having to hire another person on the company payroll. That leaves you to focus on the tasks only you can manage.

Also, keeping your facility in tip-top shape increases its perceived value. For facilities such as residential properties, this can help you keep at or above the market rate.

Tips for getting the most of your Day Porter

Once you know what kind of help would be most useful in your facility, we will sit down with you and help develop a job description and schedule of duties for your Day Porter.

Defining the daily duties of your Day Porter and outlining what is most important will help keep them on track. We can help you develop this list of daily or regularly scheduled duties to help you meet your goals.

Communicate to your staff how and when they should assign tasks to the Day Porter. You don’t want to overwhelm your Day Porter with so many tasks that they can’t get their essential to-do list done.

Revisit the Day Porter program regularly to make sure it is running smoothly. You may need to adjust tasks from time to time. You might have seasonal tasks that come and go. The task list could require adjustments based on how busy or not your Day Porter is.

If you’re considering a Day Porter program for your facility, we’d love to help! Give us a call to set up an appointment at (470) 281-5152 or email soakley@syttbuilding.com.

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